You can live comfortably off grid. We do!

If you are thinking of living without mains electricity, water, sewage etc. You have probably read some books, been to an exhibition or two and become utterly confused by people trying to sell you their latest solar panels, or ground source heat pump, or generator unit……

Our approach is different. We do not sell anything. Instead, we assess your needs and assess your site. We can advise on building layout and appropriate construction techniques. We look at the building as a whole and have a holistic approach to the design.  For instance, the source of water will affect your electrical requirements which may determine the type of heating that you use. We will recommend the most appropriate way of obtaining your water,  treating it,  delivering it to your taps and treating your sewage. We will recommend how you should heat your building in winter and cool it in summer and how you should obtain and store your energy. 

We will do this in the way that suits you and how you intend to use the building. Will it be a weekend retreat, a holiday home, a small hotel  or your full time family home? Every house is unique and the solution needs to be tailored to fit.

There are three stages to our approach.


General advice as to the form of construction, the layout of the house, siting etc. and drawing attention to the items that have to be considered in the design. Ideally this would happen before any detailed design work has been carried out by an architect. Certainly before permissions have been sought. It is at this stage that decisions can be made that have a major affect on the cost and success of the building.



A detailed assessment of the house design, calculation of heating requirements, electrical requirements and water supply and storage and consideration of sewage treatment. The production of a report laying out the alternatives, together with the preliminary costs.  All the data required for the client to make an informed decision as how to power his house, heat it, procure water etc etc. At the end of this stage the client would be in the position to specify what he required to a supplier of any individual package. If he then got that supplier to carry out the detailed design, for instance, if underfloor heating was to be used, the heating requirement for each room would be given but the layout of the pipes etc. would not be detailed. Alternatively, he could proceed to stage 3. Some extracts from a typical report are shown here.



Full design including drawings and specification of individual items eg. layout of underfloor heating pipes, schematic drawings for plumbing etc

Off Grid